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Drug Free Relief From Joint Pain 

Start your path to relieving your joint pain today. Without the use of harmful painkillers or steroids 


WHat Causes Joint Pain?

Joint discomfort, usually felt in the hips, knees, or shoulder, can completely disrupt your way of life. Often felt as stiff and achy pain, or even as a throbbing or burning sensation, symptoms can stick around for a while or come and go. Joint disfunction caused by this pain can throw you off your day-to-day routine and can make even simple tasks a challenge. This disfunction is caused by either joint inflammation or nerve radiation. As your joints and muscles fall out of alignment naturally , pain, malfunction and eventually tissue damage occur within the joints.  

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ENd Joint Pain without Painkillers or Steroids

If you've seen another medical specialist about joint pain, you may have been prescribed some sort of painkiller or steroids. these drugs only offer a temporary pain relief. Drugs fail to combat the cause of pain and ignore tissue damage in the joints. But, sometimes this damage can be reversed when the cause of the imbalance is corrected with chiropractic therapy. Don't put up with harmful drugs, get to the root of the problem to truly end your pain.

Knee Pain

Knee pain is the result of improper mechanics and alignment of the pelvis, hips, ankle or feet.

When any of these joints are out of alignment or tight, it increases pressure on the knee and causes dysfunction 

Hip Pain

Much like knee pain, hip pain is often caused by  malfunction in joints and muscles. When the spine, pelvis, and knee are aligned improperly or muscles are imbalanced, pain occurs. 


Shoulder pain, when not caused by injury,  is usually caused by poor posture of the neck and mid back, tightness of the muscles in the font of the neck and shoulder, and muscle weakness.


Arthritis is either a result of chronic disease or wear and tear. Felt in the joints as pain due to inflammation, arthritis can cause lasting damage to joints, but is not always permanent and is at times reversable. 


Many who experience joint pain choose to put up with their symptoms or wait for them to dissipate without seeking help. Pain comes and goes, but if left untreated, the root cause of your pain to begin with will be ever-present and lasting damage can occur. This is why it's critical to get to what is causing joint pain through therapy. 

In cases of joint pain or dysfunction causes and symptoms differ among joints, but treatment is mostly the same. Dr. Fowler starts by evaluating your joint which is in pain and other related joints. Next he uses functional and orthopedic tests to determine the cause of your pain. Once he understands the issue of your dysfunction, Dr. Fowler uses adjustment techniques to relax muscles or realign joints. 

"I feel the key is to look at all surrounding joints to get a full picture what might be
causing joint pain and malfunction."

After treating joint pain for over 20 years, Dr. Fowler has found that his method of therapy is key to eliminating joint pain, and takes a greater affect than the drugs prescribed by doctors. When received consistently , chiropractic care gets joints moving and keeps them in motion which is essential to the health of your joints. Getting to the cause, and enabling and maintaining motion through chiropractic therapy is the best solution to getting rid of your joint pain for good.

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