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Back Pain Treatment 

Do you suffer from back pain? You are not alone. 39% of people have experienced back pain in the last 3 months. Relieve your pain with careful and tailored, drug-free chiropractic treatment.


Treat Back Pain and restore mobility with chiropractic care 

Those who suffer from aching or soreness in their back know how it interferes with day to day life. As it Interrupts and distracts, back pain can throw you off your natural rhythm or even stop you in your tracks. It makes everyday tasks harder, and makes going to work exceptionally more difficult, it can even stop you from doing the things you love. You shouldn't have to say no to playing with the kids or avoid going on that walk. Don't let back pain prevent you from living your best life.

What causes Back Pain?

There are many causes of back pain. Most causes are muskulo-skeletal, which means problems with muscles, joints and nerves. Often times these problems result from injury, overuse, poor posture, weakness of muscles, lack of motion, and lack of strength. All of these sources are a result of our lifestyle (the things we do and how we do them).  It's very important to find what is causing the pain in the first place. For example we can recognize that slouching at your desk at work may be the cause of ones misaligned spine.

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What Happens when it's left untreated?

It's common for people who experience back pain to wait for their symptoms to dissipate without seeking help. Waiting for the pain to go away instead of finding the cause of it can increase pain and damage other structures, worsening your condition. This why around 20% of those with acute lower back pain eventually have chronic back pain. If you want to avoid this it is important to receive an evaluation to locate the problem and find a solution to resolve your back pain.

"Waiting for back pain to go away on its own is like waiting for a cavity to go away without going to the dentist."
- Dr. Fowler

Drug Free Treatment

Many of those who suffer from back pain "put up" with it or wait for the symptoms go away. What they find is that their pain comes back, and often times more intense than it was before. Pain comes and goes, but if left untreated, the root cause of your pain to begin with will be ever-present. As a result, poor spinal alignment or injury can be made more severe. Those who do seek help from specialists are often prescribed painkillers or steroids which come with their own symptoms that, at times, require their own drugs minimize. This is why seeking chiropractic therapy is necessary, so you don't have to treat side-effects of medication...

with even more medication! In order to solve a problem, you must get to the root of it. 

Most often, back pain caused by spinal misalignment is a result of day-to-day activities, such as sitting with incorrect posture. In other instances back pain is caused by injury from an event like a fall or a car crash. With either cause of misalignment, it is important to determine the root of problem. Which is why when treating back pain, Dr. Fowler examines your spine and investigates to create an exact diagnosis. 

After an examination to determine the source of the pain, Dr. Fowler will create a specialized treatment plan just for you. This will most likely include spinal adjustments, posture training and muscle therapy and may also include laser therapy and PEMF therapy  There are many other temporary treatments out there like ointments, rubs, medications as well. Getting to the cause, returning balance and function to your spine and maintaining it is the best solution to getting rid of your back pain for good.

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