I believe I have a unique approach to chiropractic and rehabilitation in that I seek to understand your symptoms or problems. I analyze your spine and its motion as it needs to move to be healthy. I check for posture, balance, strength, and flexibility.  I look at the spine and its structure and framework for the cause of a problem, and I look at the muscle system and how it all works together. When any of these systems are out of balance, problems may occur.


Finally to get rid of the problem I get these systems working better through exercise rehabilitation and postural strengthening. I help you get your body out of its old patterns and train it in new patterns so the problems don't keep coming back. Through the years, and with thousands of patients, I have found my approach is great for athletes and the elderly.  Call today and see how I can help you have a happier, healthier, pain free life.



Chiropractic Care

 Children, Adults and Seniors. For wellness
and chronic conditions
Regenerative Sciences
Helping your body create new healthy youthful cells.
Regenerative Sciences


Helping your body create new healthy youthful cells.

Auto/Personal Injury


Accidents happen and we're here to help.  Usually with no out of pocket expenses.

PEMF Therapy 


Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, or PEMF is a pain free, non invasive relief treatment for pain, injuries, and ailments. PEMF sends electromagnetic currents through tissues which activates and regenerates damaged cells. The result is an accelerated healing process


“Dr. Russ Fowler is one of the chiropractors at Perfect Health and he is amazing. He is one of those rare individuals who takes the time to find out what the issue is instead of simply treating the symptoms. I have used chiropractors for many years, and I have to say that he is one of the phenomenal few who knows what they are doing and is excellent at administering treatment! Be sure to visit Dr. Fowler - he is amazing!.”

"I have suffered with low back pain for most of my life.  Dr. Fowler checked my posture, adjusted me and gave me exercises to do at home.  He took the time with me to help me understand how I could help myself, or hurt myself. He is very kind, which goes a long ways these days.  With regular maintenance I stay feeling great.  Huge relief.  I highly recommend him. 

Ann Laker

“Dr Fowler and Dr Kille have both helped me stay active as an action sports athlete. 
Two things I really like is that they are both athletes themselves and that they give me proactive exercises to help keep everything in line after they work their magic. I recommend them everywhere I go.”

Jay Reynolds



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