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Relieve chronic pain and injury through Careful and Tailored Chiropractic Therapy

It's not easy to live your life battling pain. Whether it's weighing you down at work, preventing you from doing the activities you love, or just making it hard to live life, pain can act as a constant obstacle. Dr. Fowler believes that no-one should have to just "put up" with their pain as it remains a problem or gets even worse. This is why Dr. Russ Fowler offers comprehensive treatment to those who suffer from chronic pain or injury in order to...

Identify the cause of your pain

- Create a personalized treatment plan for you 

- Work with you to solve the problem and alleviate your pain 

You don't have to say "no" to playing with your kids, or going on that walk. You don't have to suffer through the work day and you don't have to let pain stand in your way. 

What Condition is holding You Back ?


Back Pain

Receive chiropractic care to correct misalignment and relieve your back pain for good.



Have a specialized treatment plan created for you to eliminate Sciatica pain 


Neck Pain

Work with Dr. Fowler to remedy neck pain with spinal adjustments


Joint Problems

Don't "Put up" with pain... End It 

If you have been enduring the symptoms of chronic pain day after day, If you have dreaded going to work, going out, or if you have trouble simply walking around the house, if you've seen other medical professionals who've diagnosed you with painkillers that either don't work or leave you with terrible symptoms, or if you have yet to seek any help at all to treat the pain that stands in your way and prevents you from doing the things you love, then...

Chiropractic Care May Be For You 

Are You Tired Of...

Suffering pain or injury?

Doctors who don't help?

Side effects from painkillers and other drugs?

Being told you have to "live with" your pain?

Feeling hopeless when it comes to your health?


How Does Chiropractic  Work?

"I believe I have a unique approach to chiropractic and rehabilitation in that I seek to understand your symptoms or problems. I analyze your spine and its motion as it needs to move to be healthy. I check for posture, balance, strength, and flexibility.  I look at the spine and its structure and framework for the cause of a problem, and I look at the muscle system and how it all works together. When any of these systems are out of balance, problems may occur.


Finally to get rid of the problem I get these systems working better through exercise rehabilitation and postural strengthening. I help you get your body out of its old patterns and train it in new patterns so the problems don't keep coming back. Through the years, and with thousands of patients, I have found my approach is great for athletes and the elderly.  Call today and see how I can help you have a happier, healthier, pain free life."

-Dr. Fowler


Tested, Proven and safe methods 

A Natural Approach to wellness, without painkillers or steroids 

Other specialists and doctors can be helpful in treating pain, but too often they skip over natural healing techniques and go straight for their drug of choice. Painkillers only temporarily relieve symptoms, by taking them and failing to address the cause of your pain, your condition can become worse. That's not to mention the numerous, often unknown side effects that come with steroids and painkillers. Chiropractic care makes a pain free life possible without harmful drugs.

Practicing chiropractic for over 20 years Dr. Fowler has helped thousands overcome pain. In this time Dr. Fowler has found that his methods for reconditioning including spine analysis, posture checking, and core strengthening are optimal.


Dr. Fowler uses gentle adjustment techniques like... to prevent any sort of injury and ensure safety.  In addition to taking a diligent approach, Dr. Fowler is very conservative when it comes rehabilitation.


"I don't want to push patients into anything unnecessary."
- Dr. Fowler 

What patients are saying

“Dr. Russ Fowler is one of the chiropractors at Perfect Health and he is amazing. He is one of those rare individuals who takes the time to find out what the issue is instead of simply treating the symptoms. I have used chiropractors for many years, and I have to say that he is one of the phenomenal few who knows what they are doing and is excellent at administering treatment! Be sure to visit Dr. Fowler - he is amazing!.”

-Jana Moreno

Timberly Williams


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