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Neck Pain Treatment

Relieve Neck Pain through careful and tailored chiropractic therapy.


Treat Neck Pain and restore mobility with chiropractic care 

Neck pain is something that almost everyone has to deal with, but many never receive treatment for. Without proper treatment, pain and other symptoms are often prolonged or even made worse over time. As pain caused by misalignment develops it may be easy to ignore temporarily, but over time limited mobility and sharp pain along the spine makes sitting in a desk chair, working on a computer, or even falling asleep a painful and uncomfortable task. In order to prevent prolonged symptoms and further injury it's important to receive spinal therapy. Chiropractic care pinpoints the underlying problems, and solves the issues within your spinal alignment to have you living at your best.

What causes Neck Pain?

Every day we find ourselves on our phones and computers for hours.  This puts our neck, back and shoulders in positions that are not natural and place abnormal stress and strain on muscles, joints and nerves beyond what they can handle. As a result vertebrae get locked up or put out of alignment which cause the pain, tightness, and soreness you feel when you move around and turn your head.


Meet Dr. Russ Fowler

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Start your path to wellness today.

What Happens when it's left untreated?

If neck pain is left untreated all health problems related to the neck will likely get worse. Eg: neck pain, neck tension, headaches, sinus problems, allergies, irritability, insomnia, chronic pain, and degenerative arthritis all can be the result of untreated neck joint and nerve dysfunction. Many of these problems can be helped and even reversed through specific chiropractic care.


It's common for people who experience neck pain to wait for their pain to dissipate, pain comes and goes, but if left untreated, the root cause of your pain to begin with will be ever-present and you allow nerve disfunction to persist . As a result, pain and injury can be made much worse. Waiting for the pain to go away instead of finding the cause of it can increase pain and damage to other structures, worsening your condition. This is why it's crucial to receive treatment that evaluates and addresses the cause of your pain. 

During chiropractic therapy, Dr. Fowler evaluates your spine to find out where you have dysfunction or muscle imbalance. When joint dysfunction is located, Dr. Fowler will create a specialized treatment plan just for you. chiropractic adjustments, which are gentle, specific movement are given to restore function. Other treatment might include  posture training,  muscle therapy or laser therapy and PEMF therapy. Getting to the cause, returning balance and function to your spine and maintaining it is the best solution to getting rid of your neck pain for good.

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